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Analysis Of The Current Situation Of China's Solid Capacitor Industry
Aug 14, 2018

Solid capacitors have good application prospects as capacitors with better growth. Solid-state capacitors use high-conductivity, high-thermality polymer materials to replace traditional electrolytes. Compared with ordinary liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, they have high reliability, long service life, high frequency, low impedance, and large ripple current. Each solid capacitor can replace 2-3 ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which is conducive to the integration and miniaturization of electronic products, and can overcome the drawbacks of liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors being easy to leak. There is huge market space in the fields of notebook computers, LCDTVs, 3D displays, game consoles and the like. With the development of 4G network, electronic information industry and consumption structure, especially with the decline in the price of its core raw materials, the application field of solid capacitors will continue to expand, and market demand will grow rapidly.