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Application Of Film Capacitors In Electromagnetic Heating Equipment
May 30, 2018

Application of film capacitors in electromagnetic heating equipment

Electromagnetic heating equipment turns alternating current or pure DC power into high frequency alternating current (1KHz - 1MHz) through half bridge / full bridge inverter technology. High frequency alternating magnetic field will produce high frequency alternating current through various inductive loads. When metal objects are in high frequency alternating magnetic field, metal molecules produce numerous small swirls. Eddy current makes metal molecules High speed and irregular movement, the metal molecules collide and rub up heat to produce heat, and finally achieve the purpose of converting electrical energy into heat energy. Electromagnetic heating equipment is used frequently in our work and life. For example, domestic electromagnetic furnace / electromagnetic tea furnace, commercial electromagnetic furnace, high frequency quenching engine, sealing machine, industrial smelting furnace and so on. Taking three phase high-power commercial electromagnetic stove as an example, the application of film capacitors in electromagnetic heating equipment is analyzed.