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Application Of Thin Film Capacitance In Mobile Phone
Jan 01, 2019

With the rapid development of science and technology, people have become more and more dependent on mobile phones. Mobile phones have stronger performance, better quality, better appearance, lighter and thinner, which requires higher requirements not only for mobile phone manufacturers, but also for capacitance manufacturers. Although the core processor has always been the focus of attention, passive devices such as capacitors and resistors, as supporting players, also play an important role in the miniaturization of products.
Thin film capacitors are small in size, large in capacity and high in insulation resistance. They can be used in high frequency and high temperature environments. Therefore, they are especially suitable for handheld devices. Based on the unique design and processing technology, thin film capacitors can provide products of all sizes, from ultra-small sizes to large capacitors used to replace tantalum capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, as well as low-esl, high-frequency products and array products, thin film capacitors can meet almost all possible application requirements.

Only thin film capacitors are required to be further subdivided according to their capacity and use, so a large number of capacitors with different packages and capacities are derived. High-capacity thin film capacitance can be used for decoupling and smoothing filtering, which can realize lead-on-chip bonding and can be used for medium-high voltage and high-frequency buffering. Its low loss value is suitable for decoupling and smoothing of medium-high voltage and high voltage as well as for communication equipment. Continuously improve the composition and properties of materials. With the continuous prosperity of handheld device market, it is certain that a huge capacitor market will be brewing. Thin film capacitors will continue to give play to their advantages of small size and good performance.