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Audio Film Capacitors Bring Good Sound Quality
Jan 20, 2019

With the rapid development of social economy, and music in People's Daily life has become indispensable part, whenever you are being accompanied by music, melodious music not only can let our mood calm, also can increase our work efficiency, use a long time, but sometimes the acoustics quality will appear such problems, this is really frustrating, we have to ask why this happens? In fact, this is mainly because of the audio film capacitance problem.

Audio film capacitance is much smaller than the internal resistance of ordinary capacitors, it not only has good seismic performance, its incoming current is large enough, but also can use special flashlight to play a rapid response ability, these properties for audio circuit filtering, decoupling, coupling will be very good. In addition to these advantages, audio film capacitors can also reduce the loss to a low, such as electrolytic tangential loss has been comparable to ordinary polyester capacitors, film capacitors are incredibly low loss.

The audio film capacitors installed in the audio system will not occupy a large area, because the volume of the audio film capacitors is very small, and the quality is very light, the stability is also very good, but also has the characteristics of self-healing performance and low loss at high frequency. Unlike current, which can easily damage a sound, capacitors can adapt to high-frequency, dc, ac, and pulse circuits.

Audio film capacitor is a good companion of sound, so to hear good sound quality, we must choose a good audio film capacitor, so that we can enjoy good sound quality, whether it is relaxing, entertainment, work and so on will have a good effect.