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Automotive Audio Film Capacitors For The Purpose
Feb 28, 2019

Film capacitors are usually used for power decoupling to ensure a smooth power supply and to avoid noise due to unwanted feedback through the power supply. Dc decoupling is the separation of the required audio from the inevitable dc level needed to make the transistor work. The filter and waveform are modified by the amplifier's frequency response to achieve the desired audio sound. RF suppression is the problem of avoiding engine ignition and false pick up of electrical noise from nearby radio stations.

Car audio capacitors can is a kind of very fast storage and release of power electronic components, which is used to filter out any sudden or buffer circuit voltage fluctuations, so as to smooth the signal that followed, they stored a temporary charge, can be set in the future, so that during the peak demand for the power amplifier, it can prevent the lights of the car in a loud bass notes in the dark.

You may also need a capacitor when the power required by the amplifier exceeds the generating capacity of the car's electrical system, or when your vehicle is equipped with a relatively weak alternator.