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Application And Classification Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Aug 31, 2018

The basic functions of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in electronic circuits are generally summarized as: AC, DC, and has the functions of filtering, bypassing, twisting, and fast charging and discharging, and has the characteristics of small size, large storage capacity, and high cost performance. With the advancement of modern technology and the continuous improvement of capacitor performance, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been widely used in consumer electronics, communications products, computers and peripheral products, new energy, automation control, automotive industry, optoelectronic products, high-speed rail and aviation and military. Equipment and so on. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be divided into liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors according to different electrolyte forms; they can be divided into lead type, soldering type, soldering type, bolt type, and patch type according to different extraction methods.

       According to different aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the application field, it is divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitors for consumer, industrial and special applications. Consumer aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mainly used in consumer markets such as energy-saving lighting, televisions, monitors, computers and air conditioners; industrial aluminum electrolysis Capacitors are mainly used in industrial and communication power supplies, professional inverters, CNC and servo systems, wind power and automotive industries; special aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mainly used in military, aerospace and other special fields.