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General Problems With Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
Aug 30, 2018

The products exhibiting the above results can form the following effects. The miniature circuit breaker with overcurrent shielding effect does not malfunction when it is not overloaded, which affects the user's common use of electricity and forms an unacceptable loss. When the environment with overload is supposed to trip, there is no abnormal tripping action, which does not play the role of overload protection. It can help to eliminate the fire hazard caused by the actual application, and avoid the risk. The short circuit breaker has a short circuit in operation. The ability to run a short circuit in terms of talents is one of the important goals of miniature circuit breakers. It is the characterization of the miniature circuit breakers and the degree of process planning. Because the short circuit can be the limit of function, so the results are absolutely more, and the reason for the occurrence is absolutely more. The reason for the cracking of the sample is that the material of the product shell does not meet the function request, the thickness of the shell is not enough, or the proportion of the shell data is 纰谬, so that the shell is not allowed to parry the sample. The short contact data does not meet the request, and some enterprises use non-silver base. Alloy, or even bare copper, so that the product is burnt out when the short-circuit current is broken, the contact over-travel is missing, and the test sample is generated during the experimental process. The external soft connection of the product and the coil wire diameter are too small. The large-capacity short-circuit current is over-expired to produce low temperature, which causes the external mechanism to be deformed, and the closing mechanism is helplessly placed, forming a sign that the test piece produces a helpless closing during the experimental process.

The arc extinguishing function is not good, and the arc extinguishing is unsuccessful, so that the arc energy generated in the breaking process stays outside the product, causing the external mechanism to burn, forming a sample in the experimental process, generating a helpless closing sign, turning on and breaking the residual current. When the problem is stopped, the product can show no signs of action when the experiment is stopped. The reason for the occurrence is that the zero-sequence transformer in the product is under- or too small, and suddenly there is a large leak in the route. When the current is current, the zero-sequence transformer generates magnetic saturation, but the accurate trip current is input, and the bleed release device is helpless.

The effect of the above results can be achieved: when the electrical equipment is grounded by the insulation damage, the product of the leakage circuit breaker must have a reliable breaking ability. If the product can not break the residual short-circuit current, it will help to eliminate the fire hazard caused by the actual application.

Measures to avoid problems In response to the above achievements, the initiative adopts the following countermeasures: severely control the quality of bimetals and ensure the quality of bimetals; improve the nature of the inspection staff, improve the accuracy of the inspection instruments; and strictly control the quality of incoming goods. To ensure the quality of external components such as housing data, contact data, zero-sequence current transformers, and arc-extinguishing grids. Filter compensation device