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Capacitor Leakage Is Large Or Broken And Can Not Be Used Again
Aug 18, 2018

Since the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor is much larger than the usual fixed capacitance, when measuring, the appropriate range should be selected for different capacities.

   According to the experience, under normal circumstances, the capacitance between 1 ~ 47μF can be measured by R × 1k block, and the capacitance larger than 47μF can be measured by R × 100 block.

   Connect the multimeter red pen to the negative pole and the black pen to the positive pole. At the moment of the touch, the multimeter pointer deflects to the right with a large degree of skewness (about the same electric block, the larger the capacity, the larger the swing), and then gradually reverse to the left. Turn until you stop at a certain position.

   The resistance at this moment is the forward leakage resistance of the electrolytic capacitor, which is slightly larger than the reverse leakage resistance.