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Capacitors Play A Big Role In The Circuit
Aug 18, 2018

The bus inductance and the stray inductance inside the snubber circuit and its components have a great influence on the IGBT circuit, especially the high-power IGBT circuit.

   Therefore, I hope that the smaller it is, the better. To reduce these inductances, we need to start from many aspects.

   First, the DC bus should be as short as possible. Second, the snubber circuit should be as close as possible to the module. Third, the low-inductance polypropylene non-polar capacitor is used. At present, the snubber circuit is manufactured in various ways: useful with discrete components. There are connections through the printed version; more useful snubber capacitor modules are directly mounted on the IGBT module.

   Obviously, the last method is the best in the buffering effect because it meets the above-mentioned second and third measures of reducing inductance, and can protect the safe operation of the IGBT to the utmost extent.