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Classification Of Collective High Voltage Shunt Capacitors
Sep 12, 2018

There are two types of non-adjustable capacity type and adjustable capacity type. In order to adapt to the situation where the load change has different reactive power requirements, the adjustable capacity type collective capacitor can output the reactive power in the split mode.

(4) According to the installation method, it can be divided into non-floor installation and floor installation. The non-floor installation type is generally used in the case where the system has a high nominal voltage. In order to reduce the insulation level of the line terminal and the internal unit to the cabinet, the collective capacitor is mounted on the insulating bracket, and the intermediate point and the box of the internal capacitor unit are connected in series. Body connection, the cabinet has a phase voltage of 1/2 or nearly 1/2 during operation. This structure is economical, and 35kV and 66kV voltage class collective capacitors have been designed this way. With the advancement of technology, at present, collective capacitors operating at voltage levels of 66kV and below can be designed and manufactured into a floor-mounting type, and the housing is no longer energized, thereby improving operational safety.