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Characteristics And Uses Of Various Types Of Inductors
Aug 18, 2018

1. Features of laminated chip inductors


    Space is small in size; it is advantageous for miniaturization of the circuit; and the magnetic circuit is closed, it will not interfere with other components around it; at the same time, the laminated chip inductor itself will not be affected by adjacent components. Interference; facilitates high-density mounting of components; integrated structure; greatly reduces space volume. Moreover, the reliability of the chip laminated inductor is high; the high temperature heat resistance is strong; the solderability is good; the shape and volume are regular; the machine tool can be facilitated for automatic production and installation; the laminated inductor has good magnetic shielding property and high sintering density. The mechanical end face strength is good; the shortage is the low pass rate, the high cost, the small inductance, and the low Q value.


2, ceramic body patch winding inductance characteristics


    It is characterized by a wide range of inductance, high precision of inductance, low loss (ie, large Q), large allowable current, strong inheritance of manufacturing process, simplicity, and low cost. The downside is that there are restrictions on further miniaturization. Ceramic-core wound-type chip inductors can maintain a stable inductance and a relatively high Q at such high frequencies, and thus are widely used in high-frequency circuits.


3, mounting power inductor features


    The characteristics of the mounted power inductor are that the unit volume inductance at 1 MHz is larger, smaller, and easier to mount on the substrate than other chip inductors. Used as a miniature magnetic component for power processing. The flat bottom surface is suitable for surface mounting; the end face strength of the chip power inductor is excellent and the solderability is good; the high Q value and the low impedance are characterized; and the magnetic leakage protection of the shield magnetic shield is minimized to ensure the best effect. The installed power inductor can achieve low straight resistance and high current resistance in the circuit.

    Surface mount high power inductors are characterized by miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. Mainly used in computer display boards, notebook computers, pulse memory program design, applied to DC-DC conversion. Reel packaging is available for automatic surface mounting.


4, high current power inductor


    Flat bottom surface suitable for surface mounting; excellent end face strength with good solderability; high Q value, low impedance; low magnetic leakage, low straight resistance, high current resistance; tape packaging for automated assembly The unit volume inductance at 1MHz is larger than other chip inductors, small in size, and easy to mount on a substrate.