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Classification And Function Of Capacitance
Dec 23, 2018

Capacitance, consisting of two metal poles sandwiched between an insulating material (dielectric). Due to the different insulation materials, the types of capacitors are also different:

According to the structure can be divided into: fixed capacitance, variable capacitance, fine-tuning capacitance.
According to the dielectric material can be divided into: gas dielectric capacitor, liquid dielectric capacitor, inorganic solid dielectric capacitor, organic solid dielectric capacitor electrolytic capacitor.

According to the polarity is divided into: polar capacitance and non-polar capacitance. The most common one we see is electrolytic capacitors.

Capacitance in the circuit has the function of blocking direct current, through alternating current, so it is often used in stage coupling, filtering, decoupling, bypass and signal tuning.