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Common Problems In Lectotype Of Film Capacitors
May 30, 2018

Common problems in lectotype of film capacitors

Improper selection of A rated voltage

When the rated voltage is not chosen, the most common place is the resonant circuit part (C5). The R & D personnel should take the initial calculation according to the rated power of the equipment, the input voltage, the circuit topology, the inverter control mode, the load material, the load magnetic load rate, the circuit Q value and so on. The high voltage voltage probe is used to measure the peak peak voltage, peak voltage, root mean square voltage, resonant frequency and other parameters of the resonant capacitor at the maximum power. It is used to determine whether the selected type and parameters of the resonant capacitor are correct.

Improper selection of B current

C3 (DC support) and C5 (resonant) part of the rated current are the most improper selection. If the current value required is larger than the capacitor allowed through the current, the capacitor will have a severe heating, long working high temperature, greatly reducing the life span of the capacitor, serious explosion and even fire combustion. In the hair, a specific current probe or other means can be used to measure the actual required peak current, the root mean square current, and then adjust the parameters of the capacitor. Finally, the temperature rise of the capacitor can be measured in the full power aging test by the equipment, and the selection of the capacitor according to the capacitor's temperature rise allows the selection of the capacitor. Appropriate. (comprehensive assessment of current measurement and temperature rise)