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Porous Carbon Nanosheets Help The Development Of High-capacity Supercapacitors
Aug 28, 2018

The depletion of traditional fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas has forced people to develop renewable clean energy and matching energy storage and conversion devices. In electrochemical energy storage devices, electrode materials are a key factor affecting their performance. Porous carbon materials have become the most widely used electrode materials due to their controllable surface area, multi-dimensional complex pore structure, good electrical conductivity and low cost. The specific surface area (SSA), microstructure, and chemical composition of carbon materials are critical factors influencing the performance of energy storage devices such as supercapacitors. In particular, the controllable synthesis of the size and geometry of nanopores has become a focus of attention due to its strong influence on the energy density and power density of carbon-based supercapacitors.

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