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Electrical Condition Of Film Capacitor
Jan 12, 2019

Thin film capacitors are similar to aluminum electrolytic capacitors in that they are manufactured and polarized.however, they have unlimited storage time and can be used for a long time without direct current polarity. Instantaneous reverse voltages generally do not damage capacitors, whereas aluminium electrolytic capacitors are different.

Dc bias voltages are not always present in practical applications. Non-polar tantalum capacitors can also be manufactured, but they are expensive and may not be used after storage. Nonpolar capacitors can be obtained if two identical tantalum capacitors are connected back-to-back. The total capacitance is half of each series capacitor, which is C/2.

A good performance of the film capacitor in the power on the moment, the multi-meter needle should be large swing; The larger the capacity of the film capacitor, the greater the pendulum of the watch needle, after the swing, the watch needle can gradually return to zero. If the capacitor in the power on the moment, the pointer of the multimeter does not swing, the capacitor failure or open circuit; If the hand has been indicating the power supply voltage without oscillating, indicating that the capacitor has been broken short circuit; If the needle swing is normal, but does not return to zero, the capacitor leakage current phenomenon.