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Film Capacitance Insulation Resistance
Jan 06, 2019

The insulation resistance of the film capacitor refers to the ratio of the voltage applied at both ends of the capacitor to the leakage current, that is, R=U/IL. R is the insulation resistance, U is the voltage, and IL is the leakage current of the film capacitor. There may be a lot of people don't know what is the film capacitor leakage current, thin film capacitor leakage current on applying the rated dc operating voltage on both ends of the film capacitor, we'll see to the change of the charging current of capacitor charging start is very big, current declines over time, to a certain value to achieve stable state, and the numerical size of the current known as leakage current.

Therefore, the capacitance of the film capacitor C=Q/U, Q is the charge, and U is the voltage applied at both ends of the capacitor. R=Q/(C*IL) can be obtained by combining the above formula, so we can know that the larger the capacitance of the film capacitor, the smaller the insulation resistance, and the smaller the capacitance of the film capacitor, the greater the insulation resistance.