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Film Capacitance Protection Measures
Feb 23, 2019

1.When used to strengthen the patrol and inspection of film capacitors, good to have a regular check period, check on the capacitor shell, mounting bracket and connection point whether firm, if the film capacitor shell case of damage, and so on and so forth when must stop running, in order to avoid an accident, but also pay attention to the cleaning and dust cleaning.

2. Pay attention to the operating temperature of the capacitor. Under normal circumstances, pay attention to the temperature of the shell of the shunt capacitor of the film capacitor.

3. The voltage of the capacitor should be strictly controlled. The voltage of the capacitor usually has its own operating rules, and should not exceed its rated range, otherwise the temperature of the capacitor will be too high, thus increasing its aging speed. The higher the voltage, the faster the aging, so the shorter the service life will be. The current protection measures are very necessary, must not be underestimated.