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High Performance Graphene Micro Supercapacitor Available
Aug 16, 2018

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon material of single atom thickness which is closely arranged into a honeycomb lattice structure by sp2 hybridized carbon atoms. This new two-dimensional material has many excellent properties, such as ultra-thin, high conductivity, high specific surface area, and high specific capacity, which is one of the important materials for preparing micro-supercapacitors.

Miniaturized, flexible, planarized high-performance micro-electrochemical energy storage devices are an urgent need for the rapid development of portable electronic devices and in-vivo electronic devices. As one of the leading research directions in the field of electrochemical energy storage, Micro-Supercapacitors can not only solve the problem of low power density of micro-battery and low energy density of electrolytic capacitors, but also hope to be a new generation of micro-energy and power sources. Direct integration with nanoelectronic devices. At present, the research on micro supercapacitors is still in its infancy on a global scale, but because of its great development potential, it is considered to be a very promising micro energy device.