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How The Absorption Capacitor Works
Sep 03, 2018

Since the snubber capacitor has the ability to absorb the peak voltage, it has a huge application market as a circuit protection measure. As a special capacitor, its internal structure and common capacitance are still different, mainly used to protect the circuit. Introducing so much you understand what is the function of the absorption capacitor? What are the structural characteristics of the snubber capacitor?

Structural characteristics of the absorption capacitor

Double-sided metallized film inner column structure, special internal design and end face spraying technology, the capacitor has low inductance, multi-lead design, can withstand higher ripple current, high du / dv and high overpressure capability. A kind of burst wave absorption of IGBT buffer lines, various high frequency resonant circuits.

Capacitor structure: double metallized film, internal series structure

Packaging: Flame-retardant plastic housing, epoxy package, ($literal) compliant.

Size: Suitable for all kinds of igbt protection.

Effect of absorption capacitor

In snubber circuits and their components, bus inductance and stray inductance have a large impact on igbt circuits, especially high-power igbt circuits. So I hope it gets smaller and better. In order to reduce these inductances, we need to start from many aspects.

First, DC buses should be as short as possible;

Second, the snubber circuit should be as close as possible to the module;

It is a low-inductance polypropylene non-polar capacitor, a fast snubber diode matched to the IGBT, and a resistance to bleeder discharge;

Other effective measures. Currently, there are many ways to make the snubber circuit: useful discrete component connections, the connection is through the printed version, and a more useful snubber capacitor module is mounted directly on the IGBT module. Obviously, the last way to meet the absorption capacitor second, the third sense of reduction measures, so the best buffer effect, to maximize the protection of the safe operation of the IGBT.