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How To Maintain The Thin Film Capacitor During Use
Dec 26, 2018

For the use of film capacitor is very important, in the process of using the power system and the use of the transformer is not need any power, in the use of the process of reactive power in supply, not only the economy, very little voltage quality bad, will affect the user's use, only to timely maintenance products, can keep the normal use of the equipment.

In peacetime maintenance of thin film capacitance, it is necessary to timely check the project. For example, check whether it is carried out under the correct current and voltage during the use of the product, and the indication of the relevant current voltmeter. In the inspection process to ensure that the appearance of the product is intact, there is no crack or leakage of electricity phenomenon. Check whether there is abnormal heating in the product to avoid problems in the process of operation. Check whether flashover occurs on the outside, complete the connection, do not let go of any small details in the process of inspection.