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Intelligent Function Of CBB Capacitor
Mar 01, 2019

The intellectualization of CBB capacitor is mainly used for reactive power compensation of low-voltage power supply, so as to reduce the power loss, improve the utilization rate of power supply equipment, and improve the voltage quality of power supply to some extent. When a CBB capacitor is used as reactive power compensation, it usually consists of several low-voltage CBB capacitors, ac contactors, fuses, etc., and an intelligent device to form a low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device. This kind of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device is suitable for the concentrated reactive power compensation of large capacity users, but it is not suitable for the widely dispersed small rural users.

CBB capacitance can be directly to the low voltage reactive power automatic compensation, installed on the electric devices, realize the on-site automatic compensating reactive power, or installed on the existing distribution cabinets, distribution box and internal measurement at the bottom of the tank, on some small with variable volume of users and the investigation of distribution of reactive power automatic compensation function, convenient in installation, saving investment.