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Lithium Ion Capacitors With Controllable Capacity Have Been Successfully Developed
Dec 20, 2018

A few days ago, the r&d team of Qingdao energy storage industry technology research institute used graphene-based composites to overcome a number of technical problems such as programmed pre-embedded lithium, and developed lithium ion capacitor devices with controllable capacity. The capacitor has the advantages of high energy density, fast charging and discharging speed, long cycle life, etc., and adopts the modular system integration technology, which has been successfully demonstrated and applied in the electric bicycle. The related technology is at the leading level in China and has a broad market prospect.

Lithium ion capacitor is a kind of new environment-friendly electrochemical energy storage device, which has the characteristics of high power of double-layer capacitor and high energy density of lithium ion battery. As a starting and driving power source or energy recovery device, lithium ion capacitor will play an increasingly important role in electric vehicle, high-speed railway and intercity rail transit. In the next step, the research team will focus on improving device energy density and maintaining high performance under harsh working conditions, so as to further improve the technical level of the capacitor and achieve large-scale production as soon as possible.