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Maintenance Of Power Capacitors
Mar 08, 2019

Proper protective measures should be taken to ensure the use of power capacitors.
At run time, different conditions correspond to different current and voltage.
If the voltage of the capacitor increases frequently and for a long time, it should be noted that the current increase should not exceed 1.3 times of the rated current, so as to avoid accidents if the time is too long.
In normal times, it is necessary to check the operation of the capacitor from time to time. If any of the following conditions are found, the capacitor should be stopped.

Inside the capacitor:
1. I feel stuffy and unventilated, and the temperature is too high.
2. The casing is found to be cracked and disordered with discharge.
3.Hearing abnormal sounds.

Outside the capacitor:
1. Appearance distortion and expansion are found.
2. There is oil leakage on the ground or outside the capacitor.
3. Abnormal connection between shell and ground.