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On Acoustic Metal Film Capacitance
Jan 10, 2019

With the development of science and technology, continuous innovation and progress, it can be said that the quality of our life has been greatly improved. For example, commonly used TV sets, washing machines, stereos, cell phones and so on. A lot of audio products now use high-quality metal film capacitors, which effectively guarantee the sound quality of the audio, because there are many electronic circuits in the audio, and the audio may affect the playing effect due to the current when playing music.

There are a lot of sound in the installation of metal film capacitors, the use of film capacitors can give sound better quality assurance. There are still many fields for the use of metal film capacitors, some communication equipment will also use metal film capacitors, metal film capacitors in the market is also very good. High quality metal film capacitors should have more usage, and everyone should be aware of the importance of metal film.