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Opportunities And Challenges For Thin-film Capacitors
Mar 18, 2019

Since the extensive application of steam engine in the 1860s, human beings have experienced the "age of steam" and "age of electricity". Today, the field of science and technology with atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and the invention and application of biological engineering as the main symbol of an information technology revolution is in the ascendant. In this era of unprecedented prosperity of human development, at the same time, it also caused huge consumption of energy and resources, dramatically expanding the contradiction between man and nature.

New energy has attracted the attention of all countries in the world. Obama's new energy policy and the eu's new energy strategy have been introduced one after another. China's 13th five-year plan calls for promoting low-carbon and circular development and building a low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient energy system with a total investment of 2 trillion yuan.

New applications, new opportunities, new industrial chain layout to meet new challenges.

Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the advantages of thin-film capacitors in the field of new energy applications are more prominent: the life expectancy is much longer (>15 years); Lower heating/higher ripple current; Better stability, volume and lower ESR product; Lower wastage and better conversion efficiency. The advantage of metal film capacitor material design ensures the high reliability of the capacitor.