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Potential Problems With Film Capacitors
Jan 08, 2019

Film capacitors are composed of many basic components. Due to raw materials and manufacturing process, some inexperienced equipment and some small workshops will lead to the hidden dangers of film capacitors. For example, it is easy to have problems such as medium, mechanical damage, pinhole and low cleanliness in production.

These reasons can lead to the short life of thin film capacitors, and easy breakdown. In the system, due to the over voltage, over current and surrounding low temperature caused by various reasons, these film points will cause dielectric breakdown. When the breakdown usually produces spark, further expand the scope, thus forming a multi-layer short circuit or even the entire component short circuit. The voltage on the element in series with the breakdown element will increase accordingly, thus increasing the voltage on the remaining group and the current through each element. Will cause each component to age quickly, increase calorific value.