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Precautions For The Installation Of Capacitors In Power Supply Equipment
Feb 25, 2019

1.The capacitor is allowed to operate for a long time at a maximum of 1.1 times of rated voltage and can operate for no more than 30 minutes every day and night at a maximum of 1.5 times of rated voltage (except instantaneous overvoltage). In order to extend the service life of the capacitor, the capacitor should always be operated at the rated voltage.

2. The capacitor used commonly in the ambient air temperature of 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, installation area height less than 1000 meters above sea level, for low voltage parallel capacitor can be used in the altitude of 2000 meters.

3. To meet the ambient temperature requirements, the capacitor should be installed in a place free from corrosive steam and gas, free from dust, and well ventilated. Capacitors can be installed on the iron frame, one or two rows, each row placed up and down should not be more than three layers, there should be enough insulation distance between the layers, the distance between the capacitors in each layer should not be less than 100 mm, the capacitor should be installed upright (specially designed can also be horizontal). In order to maintain good ventilation and facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the staff on tour, the capacitor device shall be provided with a maintenance channel, the width of which shall not be less than 1.2 meters.

4. Horizontal interlayer baffles shall not be installed to prevent air circulation. Air outlets shall be installed above each group of capacitors. The voltage waveform and characteristics of the circuit should be determined before and after the installation of the capacitor, and the corresponding measures should be taken, especially for the circuit with a harmonic source (rectifier, etc.).

5. The capacitor is directly connected to the outgoing end of the induction motor. When the motor is disconnected from the line, self-excitation may occur.

Capacitor must pay attention to the specification of the installation and use, to ensure that life and electrical protection.