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Jul 19, 2018

Design Style: High Cylindrical, short cylindrical, flat cylindrical, Squashed cylindrical, square, squashed square, U-shaped bottom, cylindrical with screw
Inner Core: one core, two cores, three cores
Core material: Polypropylene film, Polypropylene metalized film, metal film, Aluminum foil, new aluminum foil, electrolyte

Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable, metal chip, two cables (Double lead), three cables, four cables, Two chips(pins), Three chips(pins), Four chips(pins), Two head(PIN2+2, PIN2+3, PIN4+4), Three head(PIN2+4+4, PIN3+4+4, PIN4+4+4 ), Four head, chips with screw

Sealing material: Phenolic resin, Phenolic, resin, paraffin, PO oil,  Soybean oil, mixture of resin and soybean oil

Outer Shell: Aluminum, ABS, Plastic, Carbon shell
Trade mark: Jinlingtai

Color: Silver, White, Black, red blue, grey, can be produced as request

Marking: mark on shell By laser, stick on shell, print on the shell  

Packing: pack in kraft paper box, 100pcs pack in one kraft paper box, one piece one colorful box then pack with big box, one piece one colorful box then pack with kraft paper box, can be packed as requested

Origin: Ze Guo, Weling, Zhejiang, China

Certification: CE, CQC, UL
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

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