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Proper Selection Of Patch Capacitance
May 30, 2018

Proper selection of patch capacitance

SMT capacitor is a commonly used electronic component. When choosing, it can follow the following principles:

1. The nominal capacity should be in line with the needs of the circuit. For a number of "circuits with strict requirements", such as timing circuits, delay circuits, and oscillating circuits, the selection of patch capacitors and their capacity should be the same as that required, for a number of circuits (such as coupling circuit / bypass circuit / power filter and power decoupling, etc.) / selected capacitors for capacity. The capacity is close to the requirement.

2, the working voltage should meet the needs of the circuit. In order to ensure that the rated capacitor of the patch capacitor can be used for a long time in the circuit, the rated voltage of the capacitor should be slightly larger than the possible maximum voltage of the circuit / more than IO% - 30%. The characteristics of the 3L capacitor "meet the needs of the circuit as much as possible" different types of capacitors have different characteristics, "in order to make the circuit work best, the suitable patch capacitor can be selected for different circuits.

Last one: the chip capacitor specifications have the following one: the naming details of Murata ceramic Mount Capacitor.