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Simple Classification Of Metal Film Capacitors And Other Capacitors
Jan 15, 2019

There are many types of capacitors, which can be generally classified into two categories
Type 1: compactor according to different insulating material (dielectric).
1. Solid and inorganic dielectric capacitor. Such as ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, monolithic capacitors.
2. Solid organic dielectric capacitor, such as polyester film capacitor, polypropylene capacitor, polyester capacitor and other metal film capacitor.
3. Electrolytic capacitors, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors (CD) and other electrolytic capacitors.

Type 2: capacitors by type of construction.
1. Fixed capacitor: a capacitor whose capacitance cannot be changed.
2.Variable capacitors and trimmer capacitors: capacitors whose capacitance can be adjusted manually within a certain range or a smaller range. It can also be divided into filter capacitor, coupling capacitor and bypass capacitor. In short, in general electronic circuits, capacitors are basically fixed capacitors, trimmer capacitors and electrolytic capacitors three categories.

Metallized film capacitors are thin layers of metal that are vaporized directly onto a plastic film as an electrode. Metal film capacitors are generally used in low-frequency circuits, but CBB capacitors in metal film capacitors are used in many circuits, and their performance will be better.