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The 220V Motor Is The Starting Capacitor And The Running Capacitor
May 30, 2018

The 220V motor is the starting capacitor and the running capacitor.

1) when the motor is stationary, the centrifugal switch is connected, and the starting capacitor after power supply is involved in starting work.

2) when the rotor speed reaches 70% to 80% of the rated value, the centrifugal switch will automatically skip and start the capacitor to complete the task and be disconnected.

3) the running capacitor is connected to the starting winding to participate in the operation.

This connection is usually used in large and unstable places such as air compressors, cutting machines, woodworking machines, etc.

If a motor with a centrifugal switch is not able to start successfully in a short time, the winding coils will soon burn down.

Capacitance value: double value capacitance motor, large capacity of starting capacitor, small capacity of running capacitor, and generally withstanding voltage greater than 400V.