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The Effect Of Film Capacitance On Parameters
Mar 04, 2019

What is the effect of film capacitance on parameter variables, including these four factors, namely, capacitance, tangential value of loss Angle, insulation resistance and withstand voltage. Film capacitance production process is also firmly around to ensure that the four parameters are consistent with the requirements. The capacitance of the winding film is C = 0.177 the capacitance of the film is s is the effective area of the plate d is the thickness of the film is directly proportional to and inversely proportional to d.

In the process of production, these parameters will change, resulting in capacity error. The core of the process is to reduce these errors and improve the capacity hit ratio. Winding process: coating width, thickness or margin deviation itself. Film tension from the large circle to the small circle of the changes in the tension of each winding machine error. The pressure of the pressure roller is too low. Deviation of winding process, wrong side error.

When the air humidity is high, the core capacity is relatively large. Hot pressing process: core thickness error force is not uniform, resulting in core elastic and uneven capacity dispersion, hot pressing plate is not flat, temperature error. Heat treatment time or temperature error includes immersion: vacuum error, time error, curing temperature error. Our thin film capacitors strive towards the country, towards the world! .