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The Possible Cause Of The Motor Running Capacitance
May 30, 2018

The possible cause of the motor running capacitance

The capacitor, which is connected with the motor, is called the starting capacitor. When it is connected to the power supply, the power supply is made up of the starting circuit by the auxiliary winding of the motor and the capacitance. It gives the motor a thrust from static to moving. After starting, the starting circuit completes the task. If the capacitor is cut off at this time, the motor will still run. The reasons for starting capacitor burn are as follows: 1, the capacitor quality is poor, the use of time, the internal media changes, and finally breakdown. 2, the capacity of capacitance is not enough. The electric motor belongs to the inductive load, and the capacitor voltage in the loop is generally chosen 2 times or even higher in the working voltage. Some products are cost saving and 1.5 times the choice, so the probability of burnout is greatly improved. 3, the motor running environment is humid, and the insulation between the two electrodes decreases, resulting in breakdown and burnout. 4, the motor is not working normally, the motor stops working, the power is usually broken down, and then the speed is slow down slowly, but in special time, for example, the motor suddenly is jammed and stopped. At this time, a very high voltage in the winding is added to the capacitor, which exceeds the capacitor voltage range and burns the capacitor.