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Trend Of Thin Film Capacitors For Household Air Conditioning
May 30, 2018

Trend of thin film capacitors for household air conditioning

The family central air conditioning system has the advantages of saving space, keeping home environment beautiful, changing the style of home dress, environmental protection and energy saving, low noise and so on. It has become the trend of the future development of home air conditioning.

Trend 1: environmental problems determine the future trend of household central air conditioning. Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Choosing a green central air-conditioning without damage to the environment can minimize the harm of environmental pollution.

Trend two: the economic difference determines the future trend of the central air-conditioning. China's economic development level varies greatly in different regions. People's demand for air conditioners is different in different regions. The demand for household air conditioners is also multilayered. How to design different types of household central air conditioning for different levels of users is a problem worth studying.

Trend three: climate diversity determines the future trend of household central air conditioning. China is a country with a vast territory. Its geographical and climatic conditions are extremely complex. It has a wide range of climatic types. This will inevitably require our household household central air conditioning has the characteristics of diversity. How to choose the appropriate air conditioning style according to the different climate characteristics and how to consider the different climate in the system design is the problem we should consider when we develop the central air conditioning in the family.

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