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Unbelievable Technology Graphene Supercapacitor Came
Aug 20, 2018

"Super Battery" will be launched in mass production next year.

Recently, Zapgo Co., Ltd. from the UK officially signed a cooperation agreement with Zhuzhou Cubic New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cubic New Energy) to confirm the joint development of "Carbon-Ion" graphene supercapacitors. The Carbon-Ion supercapacitor can be charged in 3-5 minutes compared to a typical battery with a few hours of charging time. This indicates that the next generation of batteries represented by graphene has finally begun commercial mass production.

The reason given by Zapgo is quite straightforward: Carbon-Ion supercapacitors use the same production line as lithium-ion batteries, and cubic new energy produces this brand new product without the need to design and install additional lines.

In fact, this choice is quite reasonable. Because in the new round of supplier list of Tesla's power battery, the number one is the company from Zhuzhou. With a 250 watt-hour/kg power battery, Tesla has also proved that he is in the high-end research and development company of power batteries.