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Variable Capacitor Detection
Dec 25, 2018

1.gently rotate the axis with your hand, should feel very smooth, should not feel sometimes loose when tight or even stuck phenomenon. When the load shaft is pushed forward, back, up, down, left, right and other directions, the rotating shaft shall not be loosened.

2. Rotate the shaft with one hand and gently touch the outer edge of the film group with the other hand, without feeling any loosening. Variable capacitors with poor contact between the rotor shaft and the rotor blade are no longer usable.

3.put the multimeter in R * 10k block, one hand will be the two table pens are connected to the variable capacitor moving plate and fixed piece of the lead end, the other hand will slowly rotate the shaft a few back and forth, the pointer of the multimeter should be in infinite position. In the process of rotating the shaft, if the pointer sometimes points to zero, it indicates that there is a short circuit point between the moving vane and the fixed vane. If a certain Angle is encountered, the reading of the multimeter is not infinite, but a certain resistance value appears, indicating that there is a leakage phenomenon between the moving plate and the fixed plate of the variable capacitor.