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What Is A DC Support Capacitor
Sep 03, 2018

The DC support capacitor is used to support the DC network. The direct output of the rectifier circuit is a bit like the head wave, which improves the circuit fluctuation of the DC load capacitor and increases the capacitance value of the DC link capacitor. The voltage fluctuation of the DC bus is smaller. When the load has a periodic peak current demand, the supporting capacitor provides a short current to maintain output stability.

Obviously, the capacitors supported by DC support capacitors have the effect of filter capacitors (smooth waveforms) and storage capacitors (which provide the need for transient currents).

DC support capacitor application

New energy industry: photovoltaic inverters, wind power converters, etc.

Energy-saving industry: High-voltage inverters, etc.

Power industry: Large-scale high-frequency switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply ups, emergency power supply EPS, intermediate frequency power supply, DC stabilized power supply, electroplating power supply, power supply and so on.

Power quality industry: Dynamic synchronous var compensator svg, active power filter, etc. APF.

Automotive industry: Pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc.

Electric locomotive industry: locomotive traction converters, subways, high-speed railways, light rails, trams, etc.

DC support capacitors, also known as DC link capacitors. DC support capacitors are passive devices. DC support capacitor, mainly used for polypropylene film dielectric DC capacitor, it has high voltage resistance, high current, low impedance, low inductance, small capacity loss, small leakage current, good temperature performance, fast charge and discharge speed, long service life (about 100,000 hours), safe and reliable, good explosion-proof stability, easy to install and non-polar. Widely used in the power electronics industry.