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What Is Supercapacitor
May 30, 2018

What is supercapacitor

According to the dielectric capacitance between a pair of electrodes, the dielectric capacitance is usually divided into three categories: ordinary capacitance, electrolytic capacitor and electrochemical double-layer capacitor. In terms of the capacity of these three types of capacitors, electrochemical double-layer capacitors (super capacitors) rank the highest in absolute superiority (up to several thousand Fala). This is because the electric field of ultracapacitor is composed of porous activated carbon and molecular level electrolytic ions.

Structure of supercapacitor

The specific surface area of the activated carbon electrode in Fala capacitance can reach 2000 /g, and the charge distance is below 10 Angstrom. A super capacitor voltage with a good electrolyte is less than 3.0V.

Because of the high conductivity electrolyte and the high conductivity coefficient electrode and the ion fiber isolation layer, the super capacitor shows very low series impedance. Now, the commercial super capacitor's energy density can exceed 5Wh/Kg, and its power density can reach 20kW/kg.