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Capacitor 6uf 500v For Air Condition

Capacitor 6uf 500v For Air Condition

Capacitance: 1-150uf Rated Voltage: 250v-450v Operating Temperature: 40/70/21 Application: AC / Motor,Widely used for micro water pump, cleaning machine Type: Polypropylene Film Capacitor,2+2 pin with cylinder for motor run capacitor Package Type: Surface Mount

Design Style: High Cylindrical, short cylindrical, flat cylindrical, Squashed cylindrical, square, squashed square, U-shaped bottom, cylindrical with screw
Inner Core: one core, two cores, three cores

Rated Voltage: 100VDC/250VDC/400VDC/630VDC

Operating Temperature: -40°c ~ + 85°c

Application: Audio Capacitors MPT

Type: Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Package Type: Through Hole

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