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Cbb61 Fan Two Cable Capacitor

Cbb61 Fan Two Cable Capacitor

FEATURES & USE: 1. Small and light; 2. High insulation resistance, small warm up inside; 3. Low wastage, suit for alternating current; 4. Good capacitance stability and self-recovery; 5. Safety and high reliability due to due to flame retardant plastic case enclosed and flame-retardant epoxy resin filled. 6. CBB61 Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, which can be used for the start and running of 50/60Hz AC (Alternating Current) single-phase asynchronous motors, can be used for the no-power equalization of lamps to improve the power. It is applicable for fans, winding machines, industrial sewing machines, pumps and all kinds of lamps, for restricting the electro-magnetic interference incurred during the on/off mechanical type timer switch.

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:

  • taizhou, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:

  • Jinlingtai

  • Model Number:

  • CBB 61

  • Type:

  • Polypropylene Film Capacitor

  • Application:

  • Fan

  • Package Type:

  • Plastic shell

  • Capacitance:

  • 0.15uF~20uF

  • Rated Voltage:

  • 450V.AC

  • Operating Temperature:

  • -40~85

  • Reference Standard::

  • IEC60252-1:2001 GB/T3667-1

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