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CD60 55uf 330V 50/60Hz Rated Voltage Ac Film Start Capacitor For Air Conditioner

Design Style: High Cylindrical Inner Core : one core Core material: Polypropylene film Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable Sealing material: Phenolic resin, Phenolic, resin Outer Shell: ABS, Plastic Trade mark: Jinlingtai Color: Silver , White, Black, red blue, grey, can be produced as...


Design Style: High Cylindrical
Inner Core: one core
Core material: Polypropylene film

Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable

Sealing material: Phenolic resin, Phenolic, resin

Outer Shell: ABS, Plastic
Trade mark: Jinlingtai

Color: Silver, White, Black, red blue, grey, can be produced as request

Marking: mark on shell By laser, stick on shell, print on the shell

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Capacitors used in different environments and for different purposes are very useful
Due to the relationship between the internal material and structure, the capacity of polar capacitors (such as aluminum electrolysis) can be very large, but its high-frequency characteristics are not good, so it is suitable for power filtering and other occasions. Non-polar capacitors are small in size and have good high-frequency characteristics, but they are not suitable for making large capacity, such as ceramic capacitors, monobar capacitors, CBB capacitors, etc. Ceramic capacitors are generally used in high-frequency filtering and oscillation circuits. Ceramic capacitors are capacitors with a ceramic material as the muon and a layer of silver burned on the surface as the electrode. The performance of the magnetic dielectric container is stable, the loss and leakage are very small, which is suitable for high frequency and high voltage circuits.

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