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China High Quality CD60 Starting Capacitors For Air Conditioner 105uf 330V

Design Style: High Cylindrical Inner Core : one core Core material: Polypropylene film Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable Sealing material: Phenolic resin, Phenolic, resin Outer Shell: ABS, Plastic Trade mark: Jinlingtai Color: Silver , White, Black, red blue, grey, can be produced as...


Design Style: High Cylindrical
Inner Core: one core
Core material: Polypropylene film

Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable

Sealing material: Phenolic resin, Phenolic, resin

Outer Shell: ABS, Plastic
Trade mark: Jinlingtai

Color: Silver, White, Black, red blue, grey, can be produced as request

Marking: mark on shell By laser, stick on shell, print on the shell

Precautions for the use of capacitors
Because of the characteristics of remaining residual charge at the poles of the capacitor, it is necessary to discharge all the charge, otherwise it is easy to cause electric shock. When dealing with the fault capacitor, the circuit breaker of the capacitor bank and its upper and lower disconnecting switches should be pulled open first. If the fuse is used for protection, the fuse tube should be removed first. At this point, although the capacitor bank has been discharged by itself through the discharge resistance, but there will still be some residual charge, so it must be manually discharged. When discharging, the grounding terminal of the grounding wire and the grounding network shall be fixed, and then the grounding rod shall be used to discharge the capacitor for many times until there is no spark and discharge sound, and finally the grounding wire shall be fixed. At the same time, it should also be noted that if the capacitor has internal disconnection, fuse fuse or lead contact is bad, there may be residual charge between the poles, and in the automatic discharge or manual discharge, these residual charge will not be released. Therefore, before the operation or maintenance personnel contact the faulty capacitor, they should also wear insulating gloves and connect the two poles of the faulty intelligent capacitor with short routes to make it discharge. In addition, the capacitor connected in series should be discharged separately.


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